• Cloud Native and Devops

    With the update of our website we’ve also switched the focus of our company to Cloud Native software development. And we’re not the only company to do so. The ‘Cloud’ is a popular buzzword and are we just jumping on the bandwagon? As popular as the term Cloud is, so is the joke that the […]

  • Java: taking out the garbage

    Some time ago I published a new chapter for my book on performance testing in a blog post. You can find the first edition here at Amazon. This is a copy of that blog post. One day I may actually publish a next edition of my book… If you know more of this subject than I do, […]

  • Pluton IT

    We are in the process of building a new website. Come back soon! In the mean time, our old blogs can be found here: https://plutonsblog.wordpress.com/